What Is A Therapy Assessment?

Assessment is a clinical term for getting to know you and/or your family and your situation. The assessment always involves me asking you a lot of questions. It requires taking a look back, at your history, your family of origin and what life has been like for you. We’ll talk about your current problem, how it developed and what you have already tried to resolve it.

We’ll talk about what has been or is currently going well for you. You may feel that some of these questions are unrelated or “off topic” from the problem, but this process provides valuable information and allows me a chance to really get to know you.

Assessment is a critical first step in the process of growth, change and healing. Once the assessment is complete, we can decide together what the goals of therapy will be.

Counselling & Fees

Your appointment time is scheduled exclusively for you, so if you can’t make it, 24 hours notice is required.  “No shows” are billed $75.

$150 + GST / 60 minute session

​$75 + GST or 24 hours notice / missed appointment

A sliding scale is available based on income and ability to pay fees. 

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